The UMWA Career Centers, Inc. focuses on providing workforce training for adults in rural coal mining communities of Appalachia, catering to both incumbent workers and new entrants to the workforce.

Mechatronics Incumbent Worker Program

This program is designed to address the specific needs of incumbent workers in the region.

The training is customized based on the requests and requirements of employers in the area. This ensures that the skills acquired align closely with the demands of the local job market.

The program may cover advanced topics in mechatronics, combining mechanical engineering, electronics, computer science, and control engineering.

Intro to Mechatronics Class

The UMWA Career Centers, Inc. is pleased to announce the Intro to Mechatronics Program at the state of the art mechatronics training lab located at the UMWA Career Centers, Inc. location in Prosperity, PA.

Take advantage of this FREE opportunity and prepare for employment in a high demand field!

In order to qualify, you must live in the following counties: Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Cambria, Fayette, Greene, Indiana, Lawrence, Washington and Westmoreland.

CDL (Commercial Truck Driving) Classes

Conducted by All State Career School, these classes address the demand for skilled truck drivers.

Obtaining a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) can open up employment opportunities in the transportation industry, which is often crucial for rural areas with limited public transportation.

Upcoming Programs


This program will focus on training individuals in the field of cybersecurity, addressing the increasing importance of securing digital systems and data.

Given the rising threats in cyberspace, this program could contribute to developing a skilled workforce capable of protecting businesses and organizations from cyberattacks.

Applied Data Driven:

This program, provided by the University of Pittsburgh, will involve training individuals in the application of data-driven methodologies in various industries.

The skills acquired in this program could be valuable for individuals seeking roles where data analysis and interpretation are essential.

Diesel Mechanics:

As an upcoming program, diesel mechanics training could address the need for skilled technicians in maintaining and repairing diesel engines, which are commonly used in various industries, including transportation and heavy machinery.

This comprehensive workforce training initiative is well-rounded, addressing the specific needs of the region’s job market. The combination of mechatronics, commercial truck driving, and upcoming programs in cybersecurity, applied data-driven methodologies, and diesel mechanics reflects a strategic approach to equipping the workforce with diverse skills aligned with current and future industry demands.